FL Studio in Use by Roman Petelin, Yury Petelin

By Roman Petelin, Yury Petelin

Extraordinarily written. might have been even more - probably like a recipe sort educational publication. obscure steps-by-steps... details with no trouble and freely to be had on the net.

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2 Click Replay. The steps are replayed in order, and a new step, labeled Replay Steps, appears in the History panel. ■ 32 Chapter 1: Working with Flash Documents To replay nonadjacent steps: 1 Select a step in the History panel, then Control-click (Windows) or Command-click (Macintosh) other steps. You can also Control-click or Command-click to deselect a selected step. 2 Click Replay. The selected steps are replayed in order, and a new step, labeled Replay Steps, appears in the History panel. Copying and pasting steps between documents Each open document has its own history of steps.

To change the document display speed: • Select View > Preview Mode and select from the following options: displays only the outlines of the shapes in your scene and causes all lines to appear as thin lines. This makes it easier to reshape your graphic elements and to display complex scenes faster. Fast turns off anti-aliasing and displays all the colors and line styles of your drawing. Antialias turns on anti-aliasing for lines, shapes, and bitmaps. It displays shapes and lines so that their edges appear smoother on the screen.

To set color and transparency options for instances, you use the Property inspector. Settings in the Property inspector also affect bitmaps placed within symbols. When you change the color and transparency for an instance in a specific frame, Flash makes the change as soon as it displays that frame. To make gradual color changes, you must apply a motion tween. When tweening color, you enter different effect settings in starting and ending keyframes of an instance, and then tween the settings to make the instance’s colors shift over time.

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