Finland and the New International Division of Labour by Kimmo Kiljunen

By Kimmo Kiljunen

The advance of industrialization and its impact at the overseas department of labour is the following thought of first when it comes to fiscal concept after which via a case-study of Finland, representing a semi-peripheral economic system within the worldwide economic climate. the 1st major part units out these elements of latest monetary thought which appear to be Most worthy in explaining structural adjustments within the overseas department of labour; the second one part investigates the expansion of Finnish industrialization and its particular development of foreign specialization. as the total structural features of Finnish industrialization strategy and overseas exchange nonetheless have a few similarities to these of much less constructed nations (LDC'S), 3rd international industrialization is possibly aggressive; the paper concludes that during semi-peripheral economies there's a want for a far-reaching restructuring coverage to maintain total commercial competitiveness in terms of trade-related aggressive shifts on this planet financial system.

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The role of state intervention is particularly pronounced both in the formulation of economic policies oriented towards these ends and as a direct productive agent. 23 Altogether, the dependency approach would stress, that the nature of the industrialisation process and the consequent pattern of international specialisation is determined, not by static comparative advantage, but rather by dynamic comparative advantage. This aims to incorporate into the analysis the overall socio-economic environment, including asymmetrical relationships and the unequal distribution of gains from trade, which lead to press ures for change.

Both types of economies - although described as separate poles are structurally linked so that the system reproduces itself at the global level. This is the starting-point of Samir Amin's (1974, 1976) analysis of the global accumulation of capital, which creates peripheral capitalism with specific structural features. According to hirn, there are three criteria which define the periphery: unevenness in productivity between sectors, disjointed economic system and domi- Towards a Theory 0/ International Division 0/ Labour 31 nation from outside.

The inquiry is concerned with what specific impact would be exerted on tbe production structure, overall industrial development, income distribution and consumption profiles by different types of specialisation patterns. All participants may benefit from international trade and specialisation provided tbeir initial situations are fairly symmetrical. Tbe problem arises in tbe case wbere the trading partners have unequal initial levels. If tbis question is raised, tbe fundamental difference between trading structures of a symmetrical and an asymmetrical nature becomes evident.

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