Exit tome 1 by Exit, Bernard Werber

By Exit, Bernard Werber

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On 23 April 2002, EU commissioner for research Philippe Busquin replied to one of the academics who had signed the open letter asking for the boycott: As recently said on several occasions by the president of the European Commission, Mr. Romano Prodi, the European Commission is not in favor of a policy of sanctions against the parties to the conflict but rather advocates a continuous dialogue with them which is the best way to bring them back to negotiations. indb 18 03/11/2007 14:47:17 Manfred Gerstenfeld 35 The Baker Case Following the open letter in The Guardian, a second case emerged in the UK in 2002 that attracted more attention.

Indb 27 03/11/2007 14:47:18 44 Academics against Israel and the Jews faculty, as well as Jewish and non-Jewish student groups and Belgian Jewish organizations. 115 In February 2003, the Federation of Belgian Students attempted to have an anti-Israeli motion passed by the Board of the Free University of Brussels (ULB). Two Jewish faculty members circulated a counterpetition that said, among other things: While firmly condemning violence, wherever it comes from, in the Middle East conflict, ULB, in line with its philosophical tradition, must affirm that cooperation with all teaching and research institutions is the best means of promoting respect for the fundamental values of the international scientific community: humanism and tolerance.

55 Later years saw further examples of left-wing German extremist actions against Israelis at universities. Internationale Solidarität was an ad hoc group established to prevent the vice-chancellor of the Hebrew University from addressing a meeting at Kiel University. ”56 Holocaust Denial Holocaust denial in academia has developed in various countries. In France in particular, from the 1970s a central figure in this regard was Robert Faurisson, a former professor at Lyon University. ”57 In later years several other French scholars engaged in Holocaust denial.

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