English With Crosswords (Crossword Puzzle Book 1) by European Language Institute

By European Language Institute

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The two leaders proved to be incompetents who threw away their men’s lives long after sanity would have decreed a halt to the fighting. The battle and its aftermath represented more death, more pain, and more carnage than Faerûn had ever known. Furthermore, the inability of either army to remove the dead and dying from the battlefield raised a seductive beacon of decay and gluttonous excess to the scavengers and the undead feasters-on-flesh. Was there ever a place of greater villainy, betrayal, and disregard for life?

I think not. This singularity, this unified defilement by all races and traditions in a circumscribed time and place, unraveled the tightly woven fabric of life. In this lifebesmirched place, the undead achieved a special entry into the world of the living. What was torn asunder, the web of life cannot understand, much less repair. Like any tear or wound, the effect is not limited to the hole itself. The edges tatter, and the wound swells with infection; the damage increases. Until the tear is mended, or the wound healed, things continue to deteriorate.

I decided to follow them, just in case these oafs fell ill. Fools that they were, they even failed to cover their heads on such a hot day. Also, I thought they looked the sort to treat the journey northward (to Westbridge, I later found out), as a carefree outing across empty land that they, perhaps, felt free to abuse. A day passed without major incident and I decided to break off watching so I might continue my search for Kaitlin’s weed.

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