Diabetes? No Problema!: The Latino's Guide to Living Well by Sheri R. Colberg, Leonel Villa-Caballero

By Sheri R. Colberg, Leonel Villa-Caballero

An fundamental addition to the diabetes self-care shelf, Diabetes? No Problema is written expressly for the hundreds of thousands of Latinos who've or are in danger for diabetes and its problems. top diabetes specialists Drs. Colberg and Villa-Caballero current every little thing Latinos want to know to appreciate and deal with their condition.Topics comprise nutritional ameliorations to assist keep watch over diabetes, universal traps and pitfalls, and daily the way to successfully deal with the affliction. With inspirational tales of diabetic Latinos who've effectively conquered their , Diabetes? No Problema is the main obtainable, crucial advisor for each Latino with, or in danger for, diabetes.

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The more we understand them, the easier it becomes to take on diabetes problems in general and those that pertain to Latinos in particular. The problem with No hablo inglés when it comes to effective diabetes care A good example of how cultural differences can influence diabetes care is the language barrier. Not understanding the English language can be a huge impediment to patients’ obtaining and benefiting from appropriate health care. And even for those who speak a little English (but have no interpreter available at their doctor’s office), misdiagnoses and inappropriate medical treatment can result.

Taking the time to do so for him was a small price to pay given how much better he started to feel physically and mentally. “I was relaxed at work and dealt with stressful situations more effectively. ” He claims that this simple routine of hiking every day changed his life—and his outlook on life. José also took it upon himself to show his coworkers how to become more physically active after he noticed that many of them were so unfit that they had difficulty just walking around the block. And these were people working at a firm responsible for improving the quality of life for the Latinos in Phoenix!

Fat cells (adipocytes) were until recently thought to be dormant storage depots of fat, but we now know that fat cells actually communicate with other parts of your body by releasing hormones like leptin and adiponectin that affect food intake, fat storage, and more. While we’re still learning more about these fat-related hormones, we do know that leptin may have direct effects on your liver’s storage of glucose, which may largely determine whether or not someone who is obese will develop diabetes or not.

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