David in Love and War: The Pursuit of Power in 2 Samuel by Randall C. Bailey

By Randall C. Bailey

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1 opens with the introductory formula, wyhy 'hry kn. 17 This introductory copula, wyhy 'hry kn, usually translated 'after this', implies a chronological or sequential ordering of the materials preceding and following the formula. Commentators have maintained 3. 18 While Rost dismisses any attribution of significance to the formula,19 others have long noted its occurrences in 2 Samuel, but they have not come to a consensus as to its function or origin within the total work.

Similarly, the marked differences between the subject matter of 2 Samuel 10-12 and that of 2 Samuel 13-20, such as the presence or absence of Solomon, makes finding one intention difficult. In addition the fact that so many different designations can be given for genre, especially by those who are proponents of Rost's theory, makes his theory appear to be more and more untenable. d. 173 He favored, however, the first option and was supported in this by several scholars. 29 mentions dbry ntn. 177 Rost also argued that, since 1 Kings 1-2 covers the first three years of Solomon's reign, the work could not have been written during David's time.

Rost's theory of a coherent narrative has been challenged on the basis of close readings of the text. Those who have tried to maintain the thesis have done so primarily on the basis of the plot or story line, often glossing over rough spots in the text in favor of narrative threads. While this type of reading is appropriate to explaining the final form of the text, it does not meet the test of proving original unity and coherence. This is most notably demonstrated by the plethora of so-called 'unifying schemes' explaining the unity.

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