Classic Brainteasers by Martin Gardner

By Martin Gardner

"From math, technological know-how, and good judgment puzzlers to note video games to what's-wrong-with-this-picture demanding situations. caricature illustrations provide the publication pick-me-up allure, yet it is the video games themselves that would preserve readers going as they fit wits with Gardner, problem their acquaintances, or just learn alongside and lookup the solutions within the back."--Booklist.

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It was his friend Tommy, who lived across the street. "Lets go skating," said Tommy. "Okay," Donald said. " Donald ran quickly up the stairs. He got his skates from under the bed in his room on j the second floor. Then he ran ' outside and put them on. He and Tommy spent the rest of the afternoon skating. What's wrong with this i storv? Answer on page 85. 35 Who Reads Faster? If it takes Willie 80 minutes to read a short story, and it takes his sister an hour and ten minutes to read the same story, who is the faster reader?

Answer on page 87. The Hindu Squares How many different squares can you find in this picture? The answer looks easy, but it's harder than it seems. There may be more here than you think there are! Answer on page 88. 52 Exploring the Moon These astronauts are exploring a crater on the moon. Somewhere in the picture, the artist has made a scientific error. First see if you can find it. Then check your guess with the answer on page 88. 53 Pepper or Salt? This is Professor Piffle's latest invention—an automatic salt-and-pepper shaker.

To make the clerk understand what he wanted, he poked a finger into his left ear and then made a grinding motion around his other ear with his fist. The cleric understood at once. A man who was unable to see now entered the store. How did he make the clerk understand that he wanted to buy a pair of scissors? Answer on page 85. 32 The Pistol Duel A century ago, two Frenchmen, Alphonse and Gaston, fought a duel with pistols. Each put a bullet through his opponent s head, yet neither Alphonse nor Gaston died.

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