Attack and Defense (Elementary Go Series Vol. 5) by Ishida Akira, James Davies

By Ishida Akira, James Davies

The authors lay down a couple of transparent ideas, then wade through a wealth of examples and difficulties from specialist play, providing you with an intensive clutch of the way to settle on procedure, the right way to execute dual-purpose assaults, how one can strength your opponent into submission or cooperation, tips to invade and decrease territorial frameworks, and while to struggle a ko.

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Q3 QJ875 A84 K53 Pass. You have a relatively balanced hand with a marginal suit and wasted high cards facing a partner who could be broke. Bidding 2 with this is awful. [ 62 ] Takeout Doubles 2. 8632 KQJ874 64 8 This is the kind of hand you can bid 2 with. You have a good six-card suit and you have shape. You have only 6 HCP but you make up for that in winning tricks. 3.  2  8 3  10 8 4  K Q J 10 9 5 3 Bid 3. You have sure tricks. That is all you really need. It is true that you might go down three tricks if your partner has nothing.

54 ] Takeout Doubles NOTE When both opponents are bidding, the safest sequence in the world for you to bid against is when your LHO opens and your RHO raises to the two-level. The reasons for this are many. 1. Your RHO is not showing many points. A hand that raises 1 to 2 shows 6 to 9 support points. It may show as few as 5 HCP.  8 6  K 8 4 3  Q 10 8 3  10 9 5 This is a nice minimum raise to 2. In other words, a hand that raises partner’s suit is not going to be very scary to the other side if they compete.

36 ] Takeout Doubles Chapter Three HOW STRONG DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO DOUBLE AND BID AGAIN? How Strong Do You Have to Be to Double and Then Bid a Suit? If you ask all of your partners how much they need to double 1 and then bid 1, I imagine you will get a range of opinions. This is not surprising since experts can’t agree either. I will offer my thoughts, but recognize that you can find different opinions elsewhere. It is agreed that you need a very good hand to double and then bid a suit. It is useful to see why.

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