An Instructor’s Solutions Manual to Accompany Mechanics of by James M. Gere, Barry J. Goodno

By James M. Gere, Barry J. Goodno

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The lower parts of the cables are vertical and the upper parts make an angle ␣ ϭ 15° with the horizontal. The allowable tensile force in each cable is 1800 lb, and the allowable shear stress in the pins is 4000 psi. If the lifeboat weighs 1500 lb, what is the maximum weight that should be carried in the lifeboat? 80 in. 2175T Shear in the pins governs. 7-8 A cable and pulley system in figure part (a) supports a cage of mass 300 kg at B. Assume that this includes the mass of the cables as well. The thickness of each the three steel pulleys is t ϭ 40 mm.

The hexagonal nut bears directly against the steel plate. 40 in. ). , and T3 ϭ 1241 lb. (a) Find the resultant force acting on the eye bolt. (b) Determine the average bearing stress ␴b between the hexagonal nut on the eye bolt and the plate. (c) Determine the average shear stress ␶aver in the nut and also in the steel plate. 6-7 (c) AVE. 5 in. 25 in. 2 P sb ϭ Ab Aspl ϭ 6rtp hexagon (Case 25, App. 6-8 An elastomeric bearing pad consisting of two steel plates bonded to a chloroprene elastomer (an artificial rubber) is subjected to a shear force V during a static loading test (see figure).

The polyethylene bar is then compressed by an axial force P. At what value of the force P will the space between the nylon bar and the steel tube be closed? 01 in. 5-4 A prismatic bar with a circular cross section is loaded by tensile forces P ϭ 65 kN (see figure). 75 m and diameter d ϭ 32 mm. It is made of aluminum alloy with modulus of elasticity E ϭ 75 GPa and Poisson’s ratio ␷ ϭ 1/3. Find the increase in length of the bar and the percent decrease in its cross-sectional area. ) is loaded axially by a tensile force P.

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