7-Day Detox Miracle: Revitalize Your Mind and Body with This by Peter Bennett N.D., Stephen Barrie N.D., Sara Faye

By Peter Bennett N.D., Stephen Barrie N.D., Sara Faye

Rejuvenate and Refresh Your physique beginning Today!
There is a good approach to loose your self of persistent aches and pains, suppose fitter, and be extra lively. it really is referred to as detoxification, a method that stimulates your body's normal skill to cleanse itself. inside of, you will find an easy seven-day cleansing software that can assist you enhance resistance to illness, normalize weight, and elevate actual and psychological stamina. thoroughly up to date and revised, this version good points easy-to-prepare recipes, pattern menu plans, and every little thing else you must commence your new lifetime of more fit living—today!
A pattern 7-day domestic Detox Program
·Healthful nutrition of drinks, clean fruit and veggies, and rice
·Specific supplements, minerals, amino acids, and herbs
·Home hydrotherapy and a one-week toxin-free way of life
·Healthier living
"Similar to an oil switch in your automobile, the 7-Day Detox Miracle can fresh and enhance the filtering of your inner fluids in a manner that produces fast advantages in struggling with disease."—Michael T. Murray, N.D., co-author, Encyclopedia of traditional Medicine
"This superb paintings back proves to me there's something 'miraculous' to be present in the well-known precepts of naturopathic medicine."—Peter J. D'Adamo, N.D., writer, Eat correct four Your Type

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Bennett and Barrie’s book to represent a significant contribution to making this concept more accessible to the average person who can benefit from its application. Biochemists often speak in very specialized jargon that makes their message hard to understand. Drs. Bennett and Barrie have made a major accomplishment by weaving together in understandable terms the basics of the physiological and biochemical processes of detoxification with their clinical experience in how this information can be used for improved health.

As a consequence, people are suffering from a problem called toxic synergy. It is creating new problems for which the traditional Western medical model has no standard of care. In natural healing, the reason for an illness is more important than its name. The cure begins with the cause. An example of toxic synergism can be seen in chemicals that can mimic estrogen activity. Compounds found in plastics, such as bisphenol A, are released into food and water when exposed to heat. Such compounds have the ability to bind to estrogen receptors in the cells.

Since the industrial revolution, thousands of chemical compounds never seen before have been introduced into the environment. We’re constantly exposed to multiple toxins found in our medications, food, water, and air. Each one poses serious health risks, and little is known about how they interact and the ways in which two or more toxins, acting together, impact our health. We have mercury fillings in our teeth and ecosystem, anaerobic bacteria in our root canals, abnormal (bacterial) flora in our guts from antibiotics, lead in our bones from the years when leaded gasoline fueled our cars and machines, and drugs in our bloodstream that throw liver metabolism out of balance.

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